In a landmark move designed to fuel its innovation endeavors, sensfix proudly unveils a groundbreaking Research & Development collaboration with the University of California Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz). This alliance is set to reshape the landscape of facility management solutions by harnessing the academic excellence of UC Santa Cruz and the cutting-edge capabilities of sensfix.
Beyond the R&D collaboration, this partnership sees UC Santa Cruz making a strategic investment by purchasing a convertible note in sensfix, thereby solidifying its belief in the company’s forward-looking vision and technological prowess.
In addition to this, we are thrilled to announce that Prof. Ram Akella, a luminary in the field, will be joining Sensfix as Chief Data Scientist. With his extensive expertise and thought leadership, Prof. Akella’s involvement marks a significant stride in the company’s journey towards achieving new horizons in data-driven facility management solutions.
This partnership stands as a testament to sensfix’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and the mutual vision shared with UC Santa Cruz in driving transformative solutions for the industry.