Sensfix is thrilled to announce joining The IP500® Alliance – an international association that was formed by OEMs and system manufacturers to establish an open, secure and vendor-neutral wireless platform for commercial and industrial buildings. Alliance members collaborate to create a joint solution based on industry norms and standards which guarantees interoperability that is crucial for comprehensive building automation.
The IP500 Standard for IoT in smart cities and smart buildings is the only wireless IoT platform which is approved by VdS for security applications for commercial buildings and industrial facilities. In comparison with other wireless networks, IP500 has advantages like: high range of coverage, low energy consumption, high security in the transmission, superior robustness, low overall latency, low infrastructure costs.
Sensfix has already implemented IP500’s interoperable IoT wireless network with low latency time to sensfix’s Operation and Maintenance automation workflows platform. By connecting over IP500 protocol, infrastructure elements on the sensfix platform, can be linked with third-party IoT, Digital Twins, RPA and AR/VR based solutions, creating first of such kind, end-to-end automation of maintenance in buildings and facilities. Thus, Sensfix-IP500 partnership will promote the first wireless IoT standard with Machine-2-Service™ capabilities that enables new value added services at the EDGE level.