sensfix collaborates with Wayra subsidiary Telefónica Group on the global 5G connected industrial implementation of the sensfix technology. Wayra UK Ltd., which manages the 5PRING Manufacturing Accelerator program, has approved sensfix to join the 5PRING program, which aims to help business development and scalability. The initiative will offer us with an Evaluate Bed Facility to utilize and test 5G-based application cases. sensfix has already established credentials in the 5G market by collaborating on Proof of Concepts with partners such as Miele and Ericsson. One of the 5G case studies was “5G linked factory,” which used IoT and AI to provide Maintenance, Repairs, and Operations as-a-Service (MROaaS).
“sensFacility Suite” is our flagship solution for a 5G-connected facility that leverages IoT and AI. It is a corporate SaaS package that includes, among other things, completely automated Operations & Maintenance features:
5G indoor positioning and tracking solution for Asset Tracking with collision detection for forklifts asset tracking of boxes/pallets and their real-time inventory management geo-fencing of expensive tools predictive maintenance and automated service-lifecycle fulfillment for industrial motors
Our “service cloud” can use the 5G network to connect third-party IoT, digital twin, and AR/VR technologies for real-time automated operations and maintenance. It enables any stakeholder to enter into the sensfix analysis system and determine whether a forklift, for example, has recently contacted anything.
How do sensfix asset tags function? They are mounted on palettes and other containers that transport spare parts or raw materials for manufacturing. Installable on a few specified tools whose geo-location is critical for the safe and secure running of the production plant. When these tools are relocated away from their preset places, relevant parties are notified.
We are grateful for the chance to participate in the program and expand our platform in collaboration with Wayra and program partners WM5G, O2, Deloitte, and the Digital Catapult.