We came away from the ‘AIoT Korea Exhibition 2022’, held in October, buzzing with excitement and optimism. Organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and managed by the Korea Intelligent IoT Association, this event was a melting pot of technological innovations, and we were thrilled to be at the heart of it.

Overall, the AIoT Korea Exhibition 2022 was a grand technological showpiece. From IoT devices and platforms, AI technologies, wireless communication methods, and more, it was a comprehensive display of the latest in tech. Additionally, the ‘AIoT Conference’ on October 20th at COEX’s 3rd-floor, blended online and offline participation, offering enriching insights for all attendees.

Our multi-modal AI, tailor-made for IoT-connected buildings and facilities, was one of the standouts of the exhibition. This technology doesn’t merely lean on sensor data. Instead, it integrates images, text, audio, and video to craft precise rules for workflow automation. Features like unmanned solutions, the autonomy of devices to self-schedule, self-call, and self-ticket, and AI-powered digitalized workflows drew significant attention.

One of the top achievements for our team at the event were the indications of strong interest from about 30 potential clients. The engaging discussions and the insightful queries reiterated the market’s readiness for solutions like ours, and the potential collaborations in the pipeline are exhilarating.

Our solution’s integration with AR/VR technologies emphasized our commitment to delivering immersive user experiences. The sheer potential of this convergence in the realm of facility management was a conversation-starter with many attendees.

The reactions and discussions we had at this prestigious event buoyed our belief in the opportunity for our multi-modal AI solution. The feedback, interest, and potential partnerships we garnered fuel our drive to push the envelope further. As Sensfix strides forward, we hope you stay connected with us on our journey to redefine facility management with pioneering AI-driven solutions.