From September 6th to 8th, Kintex, Korea, became a global hotspot for urban innovation, hosting the esteemed World Smart City Expo (WSCE) 2023. Innovators from around the world converged to share their visions for the future of urban spaces, spanning topics from sustainable infrastructure to data-driven governance.
Sensfix showcased advanced solutions tailored for the evolving landscape of smart homes and cities, featuring the integration of AI and real-time data analytics for urban management. The highlight was our live demonstration that provided real-time crowd density metrics. This feature is essential for city administrators to manage public spaces efficiently, especially in an era where safety and social distancing are paramount.
This Sensfix solution also demonstrated the ability to analyze age, gender, and dwell patterns, providing granular data that can be vital for businesses, event organizers, and city planners alike. This level of detailed insight aids in crafting policies, optimizing space utilization, and enhancing user experiences in both commercial and public spaces.
Sensfix’s participation at WSCE was more than just an exhibition opportunity, it was also a reaffirmation of our commitment to shaping the future of smart cities. As cities globally strive to become smarter, more sustainable, and citizen-centric, Sensfix is ready with the technology and expertise to facilitate this transformation.
Keep an eye on Sensfix as we continue to develop and deploy solutions that redefine urban living.